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Future Meetings

Tuesday 19th March 2019

        The lecture starts at 19:30 prompt, £1 entrance (Donations welcome)

        Let's have a good turn out for:

              Is There a Problem with Free Speech at Universities?

              Universities are the cradles of intellectual expression, of debate and discussion,of learning to challenge ideas and think for oneself. Perhaps this

              liberty is under attack from a culture increasingly pronounced by offence, no-platforming and fear.

              Hear from our speakers,

              Dale Claridge,

              “Universities increasingly treat students as customers, and their customers are often not looking to be challenged.”

              Jacob Collier (University of Nottingham Students’ Union Community Officer),

              “Free speech should be defended up to the point speakers incite violence or infringe the liberty of others.”

              Christina Louise Donaghey,

              "The line between free speech and hate speech can appear to be blurred, and the complicated laws surrounding

               free speech at Universities reflect this. I will be discussing where, if anywhere, this line can be drawn."

              And finally...

              James Pheasey, the erstwhile President of the Philosophy Society has agreed to speak. James is currently the LGBT

              officer for the Students' Union, and he is running to become President of the Students' Union next year.

        at the Canal House, 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham.

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National Secular Society - Newsline

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Campaigning locally for a Secular Britain.

Who we are and what we believe:

We are a group of people based in and around the Nottingham area who support the idea of a secular society, in which people of all religions, and none, should be treated equally.

We support the Charter of the National Secular Society and meet regularly to discuss secular issues; listen to guest speakers; organise campaigns, have debates and the occasional social evening.

Secularism Protects:

We are not anti-religion. We oppose discrimination against religions and discrimination by religions equally but we believe that religion is a private matter for individuals and that the privileged position of religious organisations and the self-interest of religious leaders is one that should be challenged.


Please have a look at the website and, if you like what you see, why not come along and join us at one of our meetings? For more information or any general inquiries please contact

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